Project: Valuemart Corporate logo & film

VM logo     vm logo 3

Valuemart Group’s first logo was done as Valuemart ‘Why Pay More?’ for its group buying site. The concept of more value with a ‘V’ & ‘M’, with V inspired by a diamond shape, and crafted from an M was the basis of this logo.

Valuemart Group, comprising of Valuemart Retail, Valuemart Info Technologies and its latest offering Valuemart Gold & Jewels Limited, wanted to showcase the company’s growth with its new launch.

Project: launch

Guru logo   logo guru dubai

From a startup to one of India’s largest assessment services provider for students of class 3 to class 10th with tests for all state boards, ICSE & CBSE syllabus, was an interesting challenge. Complete with a halo and an inverted ‘g’ to promote creative thinking, the logo went on to be fine-tuned for different countries like Philippines, Mexico, UAE and other countries to accommodate internet extensions. Crossing 50,000 students and launching a NASA competition later, this Hyderabad company created wide-spread interest. Collaterals included press ads, brochures, posters, exhibition & events and more.


guru adi ad


guru ad 2    guru poster


DSC05905  DSC05846


Project: Millennium Pools rebranding

M pools logo

India’s largest swimming pool company with hundreds of projects across commercial, residential, institutions, private pools, Millennium Pools went into a rebranding exercise to reflect its new growth focus, modern outlook and reaffirmation of India’s leading swimming pool brand. The new ‘M’ merged into the pool ladder with contemporary strokes. The company’s vision of starting up different divisions for different allied businesses was kept in mind, like construction and service.

MIL flyer        M Rosa

A portfolio based 30 second film to showcase their pools:

Project: Blossoming Buds Playschool


A playschool that prepared children with an open mindset that absorbs new ideas and strong foundation, was culled down to represent the potential of a blossoming bud. We created a unique character for the school called ‘buddy’ which gave the friend connect to ‘bud’ as well. Further, more playful renditions were created for Blossoming Buds to engage the children uniquely.


Project: Stanley Lifestyles


An Indian sofa manufacturer, who has revolutionized the much in demand Indian craftsmanship with an international retail experience, Stanley Lifestyles needed catalogues, ads and outdoor to promote itself. We supported with content, highlighting the product experience and its uniqueness.

Project: Manipal iRize initiative

manipal broch

Manipal education wanted to start a new initiative to connect the right kind of students to the right job, ensure their employability and connect the corporate, government and the student with an interface that benefits all. Brochures for all sectors were done for this project, which captured the motivation for immense possibilities through iRize.