Project: Efundu Syllabus Cartoons

efundu R logo

Efundu Syllabus Cartoons, to replace fear with fun in Education: Efundu, fun in edu,  is based on the cornerstones of stress-free, self-learning & syllabus-driven pedagogy. The concept of a Syllabus Cartoons format captures the addiction of a wonderful visual medium to deliver learning. It reinforces languages, impacts memory, uses powerful hooks to build on the subject matter to create an impression in young minds.

Characters and stories were all created for Godfather Edulabs LLP, the registered trademark owner of Efundu.


Zyno the alien who plays the teacher, knows everything as he is from the future. Siblings Inga and Mini learn from his many avatars in an exciting journey as he can take any form.  These series also have a cartoon strip now.

3 wm

Please click on the link here to experience the flipbook trial of the 6 pilot lessons of our first book on Environmental Studies:

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